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  Eric Paris' Testimonial

Eric Paris was my first student to win a National Award. Since then my students have won more awards than I can keep track of at the state level. Some of my students have entered in other competitions that I had no connection or involvement with and still they came out winners. One student was featured on the cover of a magazine. Another won tickets to a free show because she placed first with her art. There have been numerous reports of my students earning awards and winning prizes and cash. Some of my students have had their art work published on greeting cards as well.

See Some Examples

of my Student's National Award Winning Art

1st Place Mixed Media
1st Place Polychromatic Drawing

1st Place Polychromatic Drawing
2nd Place Mixed Media


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All My Art Students are Winners.

I can honestly say that my art students are winners. I have never had an art student that entered their art in a state competition that they did not place in the top three placements. My art students so far have won Ten Top National Awards with their art and most of them were first place winners. In order to qualify for Nationals they had to win first place in their state. My students have also been successful entering their art in state fairs and even competing in professional categories. One of my student's work was accepted into a local prominent gallery showing.





Let Me Help You Discover Your Creative Potential!

I believe everyone has creative power within them all one needs is a little help discovering it and some guidance in how to use it so they can be creative on their own. All the great minds of the past developed their greatness through their creative imagination.

"Knowledge is limited but imagination encircles the world"   ~  Albert Einstein

Developing creativity is the path to acheiving one's greatness. When an individual discovers their own creative abilities it openes such new possibilities in their soul, their character development, and wholeness as a person. The creative process happens in the right side of the brain. Many people go through life never really tapping into their own potential which really is a sad state to be in. In my art classes I tell my students they are now in their right minds.


The Benefits of OnLine Art Lessons with Debra Carmona

  • Self Paced: Work through them quickly or take as long as you need to complete the lesson
  • Multi Media to aid your understanding of the lessons: Step by step slides to show you how the work should look at each step, detailed explanations of each step in the process, short video tutorials to further aid your understanding
  • Flexible schedule: You choose the time to study your lesson, after school or work, early morning or late evening as it fits your demand. No interfence with your sports schedule or other things that demand your time.
  • Study at Home or on the road: No need to drive to your lesson (save gas), as long as you have Internet access you can do the lessons anytime, anywhere.
  • Proven Success: Lessons designed by an experienced successful Art Teacher. The lessons have been developed according to how students learn.
  • Classroom tested: Most of the lessons contained on this website have been used in a classroom setting and modified as needed to make them even more effective.
  • One on One Training: As good as sitting up front with the best visual view instead of poor visual quality from the back of a large classroom and without the distractions of a classroom.
  • Not Geographically Limited: It does not matter if you live far or near, or what country you are from. You can study with Debra Carmona anywhere as long as you have Internet connection, and acess to a computer.
  • You won't miss a thing: Sometimes in a classroom situation you may miss what the teacher said or get behind and miss the next step of instruction. With online art lessons you can always go back and see it again, or read it again.


     Beginings of Rachel's Masterpiece     Amber's 1st Lesson in Colored Pencil
Beginings of Rachel's Masterpeice



Amber's 1st Lesson in Colored Pencil

Discover the Artist in You

Everyone has creative power and those who have learned to tap into it have a greater advantage in living up to their full potential. Creative outlets can be in a broad range of art forms such as writing, poetry, music, dance, drama, drawing and painting. If you have ever observed a child at play you would have witnessed their creativeness. It is so sad that many lose the use of creativity as they grow up and it is usually not by choice. Allow yourself to bring out the child in you that wants to come out and play and learn to have fun in life.  I have learned that almost anyone can learn to draw or paint well at any age.  All one needs is a little guidance and encouragment to reawaken those creative juices. Over the years that I have been teaching art to children and adults and have witnessed students discover their ability that surpassed even their own expectations. It has been a fun road to discovery.

Painted by a 12 year old. 6th grade student's Best of Show painting
12 year old's painting
6th grader's painting



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