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Market Yourself

Become a Self Employed Art Teacher

Did you know it is easier to make money as an art teacher than simply as an artist. As an artist you can create great paintings but have a hard time finding the right person who wants to pay top dollar for your work of art. How many paintings do you have sitting around your house right now, paintings that you wish you could sell?

You can easily make money by teaching Art. Example: You create one lesson and use that lesson to teach children. It takes the child about four weeks to complete that lesson. You charge $25 an hour for private lessons. With each student you use that same lesson where you have earned $100. If you use the same lesson with four other students you will have earned $500 on one single lesson. Could you easily sell one of your paintings for $500?

Schools need Art Teachers

When schools make cuts to their budgets one of the first things to go are usually the Art Teachers and then the Music Teachers. Sad to say that art and music are low on the totem pole to most school administrators. I do not know why the arts and music are not on equal ground as the math and sciences but that is what it is. Do not let that stop you. As Artists you and I both know how relevant art is to our world.


No Cost to the School for:

  • Your paycheck
  • The Art supplies 

Take a look at what it is like to be your own boss as an Art Teacher. Not only do I teach at a school, but I also go to people's homes for private and small group lessons as well as teach at a homeschool Co-Op group. This video gives you a picture of what life is like for a self employed Art Teacher.


Benefits for you

  • Earn income as an Art Teacher
  • Cost of Art Supplies will not come out of your pocket
  • You work for yourself, You are your own boss
  • You set up your own work schedule
  • You get the prestige of being the beloved Art Teacher

I love being an Art Teacher

When you are an Art Teacher you are quite often the favorite teacher. You do not give tests, quizes and issue grades. You do not always assign homework and give stressfull deadlines. You just do the fun stuff like drawing and painting that children naturally enjoy. Art Teachers in the eyes of many are highly respected because most people consider that you have something special, that not everyone has. You get to teach the privileged children, the doctor's and lawyer's children. These parents want their children to be well rounded, cultured with art and music so they hire you to teach the things they know nothing about.  You get to meet lots of interesting people who respect you by virtue of your position as an Art Teacher. And when your students win awards you are elevated as a great Art Teacher. The school will also benefit from having such a great Art Teacher whose students always come out on top with the awards. Those wins makes the school look good as well.

For just $9.95 You can create a job for yourself.

This ebook will give you all the information you need to present yourself as an Art Teacher without the school or organization having to worry about how to pay you. This book explains effecive ways to get quality art supplies for your classes that also does not come out of your pocket, nor the school's budget. With a budget friendly program like this how can they refuse you? This ebook also shares how to set up your class structure with different learning levels and some tips about prefered mediums for getting starting. This book will help you establish a complete fine art organization which could also include other private teachers such as piano and other music teachers.


You can be in business for yourself with a successful and fun career

Providing you know how to teach.

How to Build Art Department

My Story of Success

I started with the same program explained in the book above working in a school, expanded into working with a Homeschooled Co-Op group simultaniously. It did that for about 5 years building my reputation as an effective Art Teacher. Working in the schools and organizations helped me build my clientel for private students which is where I preferred to be in the first place. When I resigned from those positions many parents called me for continued private lessons. I did not have to solicit to get those private students. Never in my entire teaching career have I ever needed to advertise or promote my teaching skills. My work speaks for itself. I now teach a number of private lessons in people's home. I love being free to make my own schedule and to take days off when I need them. I do not work nights or weekends and I am free to spend time with my family. There is nothing better than being your own boss.



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