bod Individual Art Supply List

Individual Art Supply List

Art Supply List For Private Lessons

Interested in private Art Lessons? If you live in the Darlingotn County of South Carolina I offer private lessons. I will come to your home. Here is a brief video introducing my Mobile Art Lessons


Below are the art supplies you will need on hand for Art classes. I will come to your home typically for a one hour class. You provide your own art supplies. I recommend these products below. You may already have some of them on hand. Just click on the link to see the supply list. Watercolor Paper, watercolor tubes of paint, eraser, pencil sharpener and smudging stumps can be shared amoung siblings if they have a shared class time. It is highly recommended that each student have their own supplies.


Individual Private Student Art Supplies

Click on the link below to see the complete list. Please purchase all the rquired items. Some items are optional.

I have carefully selected student grade but quality supplies trying to avoid high end exspensive materials for the learning student. You can purchase the supplies elswhere but try to stick to the same brands I have chosen because there is nothing more frustrating for the student to have paper quality that will not work well with their supplies. There are great differences in quality of brushes and pastels and in different brands of colored pencils. It is also frustrating for the student to be lacking the same colors as my lessons call for. So for best results just order the list above and we will have a successful Art time together. They will be shipped to your door.


Private Art Lessons Will Include

Lessons using the following wet and dry Art mediums for all ages:

  • Graphite Drawing pencils for drawing, sketching, and shading
  • Colored Pencils
  • Watercolor Pencils for controlled watercolor painting
  • Oil Pastels (Craypas)
  • Chalk Pastels
  • Watercolor painting
  • Waterproof Marker for specific details in combo projects


If you wish for lessons in Acrylic Painting you will need to ask me for a list for additional supplies.

Additional Art Supplies

You probaly have some of these items at home at no cost to you

  • Small water jars not very tall such as baby food jars
  • Soft rags like old T-shirt peices
  • Some sort of bag or container to carry the art supplies



I look forward to helping your student develop their interest and talent in Art. Below is a video of some of my student's accomplishments for your viewing pleasure.


My Art Students Have Won 10 Top National Awards

Here is the story of one of those students. The end of the video shows you some of the National Wins my students have earned.






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