bod Building An Art Business

Building An Art Business

Building My Own Personal Business

This is my story how my small Art Teaching Business evolved into an online global business as a by product of learning the art of Internet Marketing. This video was created in the early phases of the start up of my business.

My Early Beginings

Art has always been my favorite activity ever since I was a young child. I started drawing at age four drawing on the blank pages of the inside front and back covers of a books, walls, in the sand anywhere I could find a place and a tool to draw with. One time I got in trouble for etching a lovely drawing on the face of a brand new wooden dresser drawer with a sharp pin head. One of my early enterprises was walking around town with a box of things I made or painted, selling them to friends and neighbors.

Debra Carmona TeachingI never planned on becoming an Art Teacher even though I had read how famous artists such as Rembrant and Edward Degas and others who depended upon the income from their students for their survival. Many artists of old were called "starving artists" because they did not achieve their fame and fortune until much later in life. Some of the masters that we know so well today did not even realise their own greatness during their lifetime. Their work did not become valuable or sought after until their lives had expired. I do not want to wait until I die to do something great with my art.


Achieving Success

Achieving success for Artists today is not so different than it was for the artists of old in that it was not so much about how much talent you had, or how great you were with your art but who you knew or were connected to thus a matter of politics. Recently I participated in online discussion with other very talented artists struggling to make a success with their art. They all agree the ingredient for success is in the marketing of that talent.


In American society anyone can claim themselves to be an Artist and get funding from the US Government via the National Endowment for the Arts. (Another useless waste of American tax dollars) Just look at Bob Ross's success story. I am sorry but the man cannot paint anything but mountains, trees, and happy little streams. Yet, he has his own brand of art supplies and tools. How did he do it? He milked the system, good old Uncle Sam supported him even though his talents were grossly limited. He even had his own TV show on the PBS channel also funded by the US Government. I have very little respect for those who can only be a success off the backs of the hard working honest tax paying Americans. Many of the great masters of the past also had patrons who provided a living to the artists giving them assignments sometimes housing them as they painted their lives away. It would be nice to have such financial support to allow myself to have all the time in the world to paint until my heart is content but I would not be able to live with myself existing as a charity case. Rather I would feel a greater sense of pride to prove myself by the works of my own hands.


Becoming an Art Teacher

Stick With What You Know Best

Over the years I continued to draw and paint and develop my skills in a broad range of mediums for churches, organizations, and businesses for various functions never passing up the opportunity to share my art with others no matter what form it took. As I said before, becoming an art teacher was not even on my agenda or plan. I just wanted to be an Artist. Then one day someone approached me and asked me to teach their daughter. Another asked me to teach her three children. Then a school asked me to teach their students. Over time I learned how to teach more effecively. I became a good observer in how people learn and developed teaching methods to fit the different age levels and learning styles of individuals. It did not take long for everyone to see how well my students were doing. They were creating great works of art that astonished their parents, relatives and the school staff.  My students were winning competitions year after year. They were placing Best of Show and earning state and National awards.


How to Build Art Department


They Say the Proof is in the Pudding

In my case the proof of my success is in my student's art work

Over time almost by default I found my true expertise in teaching. Several families reported to me that their child grew in self confidence through my art lessons. Some have used my art classes as therapy for their troubled child. My classes are positive, uplifting, and encouraging while helping the student realize their own true worth. In this I discovered my ability to mentor others to aspire them to reach for a higher level of existence.

After many years of all the great successes of my students producing quality artworks that do very well in nearly every competition they enter my fame grew. The word spread and people were calling me to come to their home, school or organization. Not once did I ever place an ad or buy any form of advertisement to promote my teaching services. It all sort of happened automatically via word of mouth from happy satisfied customers that kept coming back and telling all their friends and family. It was not my intention to steal business away from a local Art Society but my service was preferred to what they were offering so my customers told me.


You Know You are Doing What You Were Meant to Do

When Everything Turns up Roses

My little art teaching business seemed to grow effortlessly without any sort of promotion. New customers would come to me from referrals. Soon my business went from a few private students at my home a couple days a week to teaching five days a week at Christian schools, a home school Co-Op group and even public school students and adults. It started in one town and then branched to nearby towns and now thanks to the Internet is global. The number of students taking my classes were growing every year even while the economy was failing and job losses were growing. My business was booming so much so that I had to start turning away business because my schedule was so booked. The only other choice was to give up nights and weekends which I refused to do since family life is so important to me. I started training new art teachers to help meet the demand for more classes. That was great for the schools and the students but it was not increasing my earnings. In essence I was giving away part of the business I created.

Debra Assisting a Student

There were only had so many hours in a day that I could schedule classes. So, I started searching online for ways to establish my business on the Internet so that I could maximize my time and expand my outreach. My search led me to an all inclusive training system that would prepare me, give me the tools and skills I lacked in marketing my skills and talents. They would educate me in various marketing strategies, how to build my websites and teach me the technical processes of internet marketing with a global network of professionals to help me. While they offer their wonderful product and opportunity I was looking for a means to develop my own products and services online as well. So, as I was working my way through the training courses new inspirations of other business ventures developed in me as well. I love the fact that you can earn while you learn. This gave me time to develop my own business plans.


If I Can Do It So Can You

When I first ventured into the realm of building a website the thought of it was overwhelming at first. Now, it feels like second nature because the program is so easy to use and understand. In fact it is so much fun that I have built multiple websites each with it's own unique purpose. This one centers around my personal art business. I have built this website myself including the header and decorative elements.



Business Opportunity

The Internet is a great frontier to get your business in front of thousands of people who are ready to find that right business opportunity, product, or service. The cost of an online business is far cheaper than setting up a brick and mortar type business that has a high overhead and set up costs. Establishing an online business is faster to get up and running and the outreach is global. An online business is a smart way to build your business and leverage your time. The internet may be the last frontier so, you might want to stake your claim in your online real estate today. With a growing lack of job security, and economic trouble brewing people are searching for alternate ways to make money through building their own business and forge a better future for themselves and their families.


I have learned from the best as I sampled business opportunities in my search for the best fit for me. I have followed the online trends and learned who is who in the world of internet marketing until I became my own entrepreneur choosing my own path. My journey has given me a great understanding on how the internet world works so much so that I am forging my own path.


It is always a good principle to never put all your eggs in one basket but to keep your options open. You just never know when a great opportunity comes your way. If you are looking for a great business opportunity one that will give you financial freedom and more options (choices) for your life I can point you in the right direction. A great business opportunity will have a great product that meets a real need for a broad market. If there is a low start up cost and the potential to make money almost right away with the potential for generating a substantial income over time in a solid company with a team that has the experience and history of success and a tremendous support system to help you succeed as you learn then you have a great business opportunity. I have found such a business.



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I would love to connect with you and help you tap into your full potential to set you on your path for making your dreams come true for you and your family.

Here is to your SUCCESS,

Debra Carmona


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