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Victorian LadyI have done all sorts of arts and crafts in my life time such as crafting with all sorts of textiles: wood, fabric painting, stenciling on both fabric and walls, tole painting, woodburning, calligraphy, and scrapbooking. When my children were small you would find me at the sewing machine almost daily sewing: clothes for my family or gifts for friends, household decorative items and costumes. Now I only sew with the purpose of costume designing since that feels more like a work of art to me. I have done all kinds of needle works including cross stitching, crewel works, knitting and crocheting. There is very little I have not ventured into for a period of time but my favorite of all pastimes is painting. Art is my hobby. Drawing isn't really a passion of mine but it is a necessary step in planning what I am going to paint. I would much rather spend my day with a brush in my hand sitting at my drawing desk working on a watercolor painting or at my easle painting an acrylic painting. Those two mediums are my preferred mediums to work with but watercolor is by far my all time favorite.




My Favorite Mediums to Work With


Watercolor Painting
Acrylic Painting

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This gallery conatins a few examples of some of my own personal art works so you can see my style and the different mediums I work with.



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I have observed that the wearing of costumes is almost transformational. It does something to the human spirit. There needs to be time every now and then when we do things out of the regular every day norm or our spirit gets all stiff, stuffy and cold almost robotic. I think dressing up in costumes helps to keep a bit of our youth. Frankly if getting old means losing life I chose to stay young and have some fun.



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This page shows you the variety of services I offer from portraits, special comissioned projects, to wall murals.




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