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I am often asked for an art supply list for current classes so I thought I would add this feature to my website to make it easily available for you.  You may go to the appropriate link below to access the full list for your classes. The link will take you directly to Dick Blick Art Supply where you may place an order with one click of a button saving you shopping time or just to look at the list of supplies to see if some items need to be replaced. The wonderful thing about Dick Blick is they will have exactly what you need, you can shop from home, and they will deliver right to your door saving you time and gas money. That makes it easy for you to order especially if you are just starting up with classes with Debra Carmona.  If you have already been taking classes chances are you do not need to buy very many supplies. Parents check the students, sketchbooks, it is important that they have enough paper to keep them supplied. You may also go to the list for your class and check to see if you have everything you need or if the list has been updated. From time to time the list is modified as we discover the quality or lack thereof of the different products and need to make a change.

Students Using SuppliesIt is very helpful for the class to have all the same products so we can all use the same colors and get the same results. For example pastels can vary a great deal from one company to the other. If one person has hard pastels and another has soft pastels the blending of the colors will not yield the same results. Students with the hard pastels will become frustrated with their art work. I try to choose reasonably priced medium quality materials saving you money, and offering your students a successful art experience. Working with cheap dollar store junk will only frustrate and discourage young would be artists. The items I have pre selected are not exspensive high end quality nor dollar store junk but a happy medium quality for developing young artists. As they grow in their experience and understanding of the tools and mediums they can later purchase the quality professional supplies.

Paper Quality

It really does make a difference in the paper you or your student works with. The paper must be no less than 50lb. weight. That referrs to the amount of pressure applied when the paper is pressed. Any less than that only leads to frustration for the student. In our classes we work with a variety of mediums such as watercolor paint, inks, colored pencils, pastels and oil pastels. We need a versitle paper that can handle the different mediums. 30lb. paper does not recieve watercolor very well so it buckles and fold and the paper almost becomes transparent, nor can it take layers of colored pencil for proper blending. Also always buy a spiral bound sketch pad. Gummed or glued pages have the tendancy to lose pages.


NOTE: The links should open directly to the list you need but if they don't here are alternate instructions. They will open in another tab so you can go between this page of instructions and the BLickU Art Supply List just by clicking the tab at the top.

Instructions to access the Art Supply List for your course
Click on any of the links below

The link will take you to Dick Blick Art supplies.

Choose BlickU for your course supply list

Choose state "SC" then search the drop down list for your school

       ECS students select --> Emmanuel Christian School

       Hartsville Homeschoolers choose --> HHE Co-Op

       Private or Small Group Lessons choose --> Carmona Art Instruction

Then hit the search button which will then reveal the supply lists below, click on the list.

For online students do not put in a state just choose "Online Schools"

Then select Carmona Art instruction

Art Supply List For Online Art Lessons

This is a complete list of supplies for a single individual to be used throughout the duration of the course from Online Art Lessons with Debra Carmona.


For those with little or no experience with drawing or painting


For those with some experience and want to deveope their skills further


For the experienced artist in drawing and painting but want to learn more advanced techniques.

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