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Debra Carmona's Wall  Murals



Wall Murals

Nurseries, child's playroom or bedroom, teen gathering room, an empty wall over a garden tub, hallways, and basement walls can be wonderful spots for a wall mural. I can paint on most any surface, cindar block, brick, sheetrock, wood, etc. If you want to create a view or bring the outside inside. Your wish is my desire.

Fantasy Castle

Murals for Child's Bedroom

Here is one of my wall murals. It was designed after the Disney castle with some modifications and an overall color change in accordance with the young princess who requested these specific colors. There is alot of detail in this castle even with the simplifications I made. The princess was a four year old who loves to dress up as a princess and dreams of being a real princess. Now when she lays her head down at night she can look up at her castle and dream away. I painted the girl's face in the circle of the center of the gable. On the square in the center of the balcony I painted her family crest. On either side of the castle I extended the grounds to include a stone cottage and a small chapel. The painting is five feet tall and took about 45 hours to complete. To see a speed painting video of the process of this painting you will find it on the video gallery page in the members area.


Murals for School Classrooms

The Kindergarten class is called "The Little Lambs" so I painted this 4' by 5' mural on the wall near the entrance to the kindergarten classroom to greet the little lambs as they go to school. This painting took me about 9 hours to paint. The cynder block is very porous so I had to use a vigorous stroke to fill in the holes as I painted. The rough texture of the wall actually added to the wooly texture of the lambs. I made a speed video of this project as well that you can view on my YouTube channel. You will find the video within my members area.

Shepherd with flock

The tree below was painted in a corner of a kindergarten classroom. Previously they had a paper tree tacked up on the wall that kept falling down so they asked me if I could paint a tree that would keep. It adds a little extra interest to this reading corner. It only took me about three hours to paint. I think a corner is a perfect location for a painted tree. The left side of the trree is cynder block whereas the right side of the tree is sheetrock. It does not matter the surface.

Shepherd with flock


Murals for Baby and Toddler Nurseries

Tropical Paradise

A tropical arrangement to an odd corner wall to greet the nursery visitors.  I was asked to bring some color into the plain nursery walls so I decided to paint colorful tropical birds.  This narrow wall is next to a passageway between the two sides of the room. Because of the location of the wall no furniture could be placed here so it was the perfect spot to add this arrangement. Painting the fronds on this arrangement was more time consuming that I thought it would be. Altogether I spent 16 hours painting this one wall.

Tropical Birds

The Koala Bears are neutral of color so I chose to set them in a Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree to bring more color into the nursery.  The Rainbow Eucalyptus trees can be found in Maui, Hawaii The colorful patches of colors happens when pieces of the bark peel off at various times. The colors are indicators of age. A newly shed outer bark reveals bright greens which darken over time into blues and purples and then orange and red tones. I painted the two mama Koala bears nestled in the same tree with a secure embrace of their baby Koalas. When I started painting the tree I was a bit scared wondering if I was making a big mess of this wall as it was my first time painting a rainbow Eucalyptus tree.  Once I applied the blue glaze on the left side of the tree trunks and branches and then a white glaze on the right sides it came together as a solid tree. I am satisfied with the result as it brought the color into this arrangement. Soon a speed painting video of this project will be posted on my YouTube Video page found in the members area.

Koalas in Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

As one steps into this nursery this is the first thing that will greet them. I thought the tender embrace of a Mamma Panda Bear with her cub seemed a fitting addition to a church nursery wall. When most people see this for the first time their reaction is often, "Awe!" which is precisley what I wanted it to be. Of all the breeds of bears I think Pandas are the least scary because of their cute arrangement of colors.

Mama Panda wiht Baby

African Nursery

In this nursery I wanted to paint the giraffs to be as large as life but the ceiling was not high enough so I aranged this tender pose with the baby giraff. The door leads to the adjoining bathroom.  In the clouds above I hid other shapes of animals and people so you can stare at the clouds and search for different objects. Some people imagine they see things I did not even intend to paint. It may entertain the children or the nursery workers when the children are contentedly playing or sleeping.

Mamma & Baby Giraff

Noah's Ark Theme for a Church Nursery

This is the largest mural I have ever done covering an entire wall. It took me about 36 hours to complete. I did have some help from other church members which is why I am unhappy with the colors of the rainbow so some day I need to go back to Lacey, Washington and fix the rainbow and then sign my mural.


 One of my oldest murals
Painted over 20 years ago


Trompe L'Oeil Paintings
Trompe L'Oeil means 'to trick or fool the eye' I can create a faux addition to a room, a faux window view, a faux shelf or specialized decor that creates an illusion of depth to add additonal space without building on. Sometimes that can be useful to an odd space that needs something extra special. Perhaps you are an animal lover and would love to have a cat perched on the top of a door frame, or turn your basement to look like an Egyptian tomb. I can create faux rugs on wooden floors that clean easily with a broom, or add decorative touches to specific furniture pieces.

Animal Portraits
Our pets become a part of the family and often live with us for a long time. Their loyalty and service or simply their companionship becomes a treasured part of our lives. Perhaps you have lost a dear departed animal friend and you would like to special portrait to remember them. All I need is a few good photos to compose a portrait of your special animal friend.


People Portraits

Children grow up so fast although we sometimes we wish we could freeze them in time and keep them at a certain age. That can be done with a child portrait. Sometimes our life is touched with the loss of a dear departed relative that we would like a memorial painting of. I can do a personalized portrait of that special someone.

Home Portraits

Home is where the heart is. It is where we live, grow, and raise our families. Certain places leave an unforgetable impression on our memories. For one reason or another the modern American family tends to move every five years.  Perhaps there is a home you left behind where some special moments have been formed or transformed in the life of your family and you would like to have a special portrait done to remind you of those happy times. I can do a home portrait for you.


Specialized Commissioned Paintings

Your wish is my command. I will take on most any project or subject matter and make it fit for your desire. Below was a challenging peice for me.

RaptureA woman asked me to paint The Rapture. As I thought about all the things that would happen around the world at the same time I could not imagine it all to be captured in a single painting. In my head I saw a series of paintings to tell about the Rapture event and most of them not so happy. With further questioning I discovered she wanted to see only the happy side of the Rapture so this is what I imagined as the saints (believers) are caught up to meet the Lord in the air at the Last Trump. I used people I knew for models. My hands are the very bottom center. The pairs of hands to the left and right of mine are my two artist sons. In fact my whole family is in this painting along with some of my friends. I even included the lady for the whom the painting was made (the red head on the lower left side) and her mother. I imagined the angels watching this specatacle in the sky along with a great cloud of witnesses that have gone on to Heaven before. I chose a happy yellow that also indicates the glow of light eminating from our Lord and Savior. This painting is titled "The Glorious Rapture" based on the scriptures I Corinthians 15:52-54 painted on 22" x 28" Canvas in Acrylic paint.

Customized to Match Your Decor

You know what you want. You have your own special style, and color arrangement but you cannot find the perfect peice of art to match your decor. Stop looking. I would love to come into your home see your style, and colors and listen to what you imagine then will fashion a painting that matches your decor.

This customer collected Wrought iron


Costume Designing & Sewing

I have always had a passion for costumes since I was a little child. My favorite sewing projects are making costumes. I can sew custom costumes for you. Check out some of my creations in my Costume Closet

Here are just a few of the costumes I have designed and made.

Princess Costume

Queen Costume
Princess Costume
Queen Costume
Cowardly Lion Wizard of Oz Princess Costume
Cowardly Lion ~ Wizard of Oz This costume won 1st place in the State Fair

To arrange your special project and set up the details

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