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Advanced Ordering Page

Online Art Lessons for Advanced Students Order Page

My online are lessons have been tested in a live classroom with various age groups of students, so they have been carefully arranged on this site according to difficulty; Level I being the easiest, Level II a bit more involved, Level III goes into greater depth with detail having more steps to complete the project and/or with special techniques used. I like to keep art class interesting by working with different mediums and a variety of subject matters. One day we may work with graphite, another day oil pastels, and the next lesson might be water color painting. Most projects will start with the step by step process of the drawing then we will finish it with the selected medium for that project. The lessons are self-paced so you can work on them at your own pace. There will be individual slides of my own illustrations for the various steps with some written explanations plus an occasional video as is necessary to demonstrate proceedures in completing the art project. To see an example of how the lessons wil be set up click here for a Sample Art Lesson.



Online Art Lessons

  • Convinience for your schedule.
  • Work at your own pace. Work quickly or take as much time as you need.
  • Four Lessons per month, up to 48 lessons per year
  • Step by step detailed instructions
  • Step by step individual illustrations to guide you
  • Some lessons have video tutorials as necessary
  • Additonal pointers and side lessons as applicable to the current lesson


Access Lessons with Subscription $75.00 per month for 12 months


Level III ~ Advanced Art Lessons



This level is for the well experienced artist who is ready to tackle more complicated subject matters and  use advanced techniques to take their art to a higher level. The projects are more detailed and will require more steps to complete the finished project. There will be a few additional art supplies needed other than the basic supplies from Level I & II. This course will also offer a variety of mediums and subject matters. See lesson previews below for the type of lessons and mediums offered at this level.


Here is just a sample of the types of lessons and the mediums you will experience in Level III

Colored Pencils
Watercolor Painting
Colored Markers

 Waterolor Pencils
Graphite Drawing
 Oil Pastels
Mixed Media

Before subscribing order your art supplies below.

Access Lessons with Subscription $75.00 per month for 12 months


Name of Art Student
Age of Student to Take Lessons

Order Your Art Supplies Here


I have preselected all the art supplies you will need for my courses saving you the hassle and trouble of shopping for and choosing the correct supplies. It is important for you to have some decent supplies to work with and not just some dollar store junk. Using decent tools can make a big difference in the end product. These items are student grade supplies for a median quality. Later when you become a more proficient artist you can buy the higher end products but for now these supplies will give you good service while you learn and they should last you a good long while. The supplies include all your drawing and painting materials and tools: pencils of different grades, kneaded eraser, dual size pencil sharpener, smudging stumps, dusting brush, sketchbook, pastel pad, watercolor pad, oil pastels, pastel pencils, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, watercolor paint, palette, brushes and a few optional supplies. Your supplies will be delivered directly to you.

Once you have

  Purchased Your course,

  Ordered Your Art Supplies

            1) Click on the link below look for the box for students

            2) Select Online Course

            3) Search for Carmona Art Instruction where you will find my list for

Multi-Media Drawing & Painting Course Supply List - - - - Course ID# AIH1001



Click on the box below


You will come to a page that will look like this below. When you click on the link above it will open a new tab so you can click back to this page for instructions guiding you through the process of ordering your art supplies.

Follow the red arrow above and click on "find someone else's list"

Next page you will come to is the following

Select the information inside the yellow box and then clcik on the orange search button. You will then see a link to access my art supply list for Multi-Media Drawing & Painting"

Order Your Art Supplies

The Art Supplies is right around $145 plus shipping.

They will last you way beyond the one year course

  Then you will be ready to start your OnLine Art Lessons

NOTE: The person ordering must be at least 18 years of age or older. The lessons are appropriate for any age from children to adults. When the course is complete of if you should cancel your subscription the supplies are yours to keep for future use. I do not issue refunds for art supplies purchased as that is a separate transaction. I also do not get a kick back in the form of commissions for any purchase of art supplies. This list of art supplies are compiled as a service for your benefit to make shopping for supplies convenient for you.


Canceling Your Course

There may be different reasons to cancel your subscription:

  • If you signed up for the wrong course and find the lessons too easy and need something more challenging
  • If the course you signed up for is too hard and you wish for something easier to start off with
  • If you wish to change course levels after completing the course and want to move up a level
  • If you just want to discontinue the course for now. If you are at all disatisfied with my course I would appreciate some feedback so that I may improve my service.

Just use the button below to cancel your subscription. You will no longer have access to the lesson materials.


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